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"This is the best freaking stuff you can get. I try to treat myself every couple of months or so. It is a little pricey, but not far outside the average for jerky that you will buy at the grocery store and the product itself totally justifies the extra cost. The delivery time has been exceptional. I have highly recommended this product to my family and friends. Great job folks!!"
- Otis H.
"I have now made several on-line purchases from DAMNGOODJERKY.COM and they have NEVER disappointed! The product simply must be tried to understand how much better and different it is from the rest of the beef jerky commercially sold. It is more expensive than most jerky, but dog gone worth it! I have never had a customer service issue with the company. Orders are confirmed and notification of shipment is made quickly. Love the fact they will ship by US Postal Service to the Military overseas."
- Stephen G.
"This is my 3 rd time ordering damgoodjerky and I love it. I take some to work and let friends try and they order alos. I can truly say this is the best I have ever had.."
- Karen D.
"Great company to deal with. Their jerky was recommended on the Food Network so I thought I would give it a try. It is the best I have ever bought. I give other brands a try, but I have never found anything else that is as good. Delivery was accurate and swift.."
- Judy L
"Ive ordered from quite a few online places & this one is one of the better ones: easy to order, pretty fast delivery, & the jerky taste great. Ive ordered from them a few times now. Would be nice if it was slightly cheaper. Havent had any problems, so havent had to deal with customer service yet, but everything else has been great. Will definitely order again."
- David E.
"DAMN FINE product and company. THANK YOU for shipping to my nephews overseas."
- Terrance S.
"The name says it all. Nice site, fast shipping, the box smelled of delicious meat. Best jerky I have ever eaten. You must try Death by Jerky if you think you are tough enough!"
- Paul H.
"This really is incredible jerky, I mean, wow...the taste is perfect and the meat is just right and not too tough. Its awesome!"
- Ernestina P.
"I could not believe how fast I received my order. I have to admit that I was skeptical about trying it. But I have to say that it is the best jerky I have ever tasted. Even the hot and spicy jerky was very tasty. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I will definately be placing a bigger order next time."
- Tina M.
"By far the best jerky around. The DBJ is not only extremely hot but it has an incredible flavor. Most others loose taste for heat, and thats no BULL. Duane R.

This was some damn good jerky. I ordered several pounds of this stuff for myself and my Navy buddies to enjoy while on deployment, everyone on the Theodore Roosevelt aircraft carrier that has tried it has given it high reviews and several people have had their wives/husbands order some to send out to the ship."
- Ron S.
"This is a fantastic product! Definitely the best Jerky that I have ever had."
- Mark S.
"The name says it all, except it should be Damn Good Jerky and Customer Service."
- Michael H.
"Easy web process. Purchased arrived in 4 days, UPS Ground, just as expected. Product was in good condition. Overall, good experience. Good Jerky too...and in case anyone wonders, the Death by Jerky flavor IS that hot...very good."
- Mick L
"I was hesitant about odering food via the internet, but my experience with DamnGood Jerkey took away any fears I had. The product arrived in good condition faster than I expected and besides that, it is simply delicious. I can see why the food network did a feature story about the company. I enjoyed the story on TV and I am enjoying the jerky even as I write this. Thanks so much for providing a way for the house-bound to experience such goodies."
- Gloria C
"Terrific product, speedy service. Would certainly order from this vendor again!"
- Rick M.
"I can't really comment on the jerky because it was a gift for my husband and I didn't get any. Not even one piece! So I guess this would be a good rating! I was pleased with the website and prompt shipping, and everything looked great when it arrived. I will definitely use this site again the next time a hard to buy for man in my family is needing a gift.."
- Rebecca E.
"I received my order faster than expected... even during the busy Christmas season.."
- Gina B.
"Excellent product!"
- Maryann M.
"We just received our first order of jerky, I have 2 things to say. YOU NAMED IT RIGHT and it is our first of MANY orders! We used to get PEMMICAN blue bag, jerky it was soft and good, you FAR SURPASS IT both in the soft texture and flavor You WILL be hearing for me again, to place more orders!!!."
- Claudia R.
"Product was shipped in a timely manner which was very important to me as it was a gift for my nephew who has been in hospital for a month and had seven surgeries on his leg. He needed some cheering up and was glad to get the jerky."
- Marsha S.
"I had ordered previously and I was so delighted with the speed of delivery and the excellent product I ordered right away again (this time I agreed to rate them) This order was also excellently delivered! HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended and already told the site how great they are!"
- Claudia R.
"Received shipment quickly and got exactly what I ordered. I would certainly order from their site again."
- Andrew S.
"Extremely fast delivery....Excellent Jerky. This truly is "Damn Good Jerky!!"
- Gregory A.
"Very, Very fast delivery. Could not ask for better service and the Jerky really was "Damn" good!"
- Clay C.
"My package arrived in time for Christmas and the person I gave it to is 100% happy with his gift. His opinion of the jerky? "That's DAMN GOOD JERKY!""
- Ben L.
"Excellent product, excellent response and shipping time. Put them up there with best of the Web!"
- Alexander H.
"Very quick shipping to CA. Tasty jerky!"
- Andrew B.
"Great Service. Treated me like I was a very special customer."
- Diane F.
"Extremely swift delivery and excellent product. I will not buy jerky from my grocer anymore. I will be reordering soon!"
- Roseanne W.
"I have made jerky in the past which was great, but Damn Good Jerky is excellent. I don't need to make it any more. Thanks."
- Mick M.
"Just a quick note to say thank you for your amazingly fast service! I placed my order two nights ago, and it arrived today! I first tasted your jerky after purchasing it in Hillsdale, NY. We have a camper-trailer in a campground in nearby Copake, NY. I loved the flavor and the quality, but was unable to buy it in Connecticut. Thank you again for a great product, and the ease at which to order it!"
- Carol B.
"I have been going through the 4 and 8 ounce bags like a madman! all flavors rock...except the death by jerky...that's just a 'tad' too hot for me...hahahaha even that trail mix rocks! keep up the good work man... I'm going to have to stop at the store in Stillwater and get me a few big bags! :] (been picking all mine up at Mobil stations)... this is without a doubt the best jerky I've ever tasted and you guys are right in my back yard! it makes me happy (supporting a local company)...thanks!!"
- Dave V.
"Talk to us. I am the crew chief on the Downes Racing #40 358 modified that you guys are sponsoring this year and I just wanted to Personally thank you for your support and to tell you how great we all think your product is I have even got the guys at my job hooked on it ---oh yeah--- the nuclear is TOO HOT!!!! Thanks again"
- Bert P.
"Hi there, this the best jerky of all time. It's just a shame that you aren't located in Canada, because there is a growing demand for jerky here."
- Mikey S.
"I like jerky, but because of your jerky, I now love it. Your product beats the hell out of all those other high priced versions. Thanks for making it. Try to get it in more stores in Laurens, SC."
- Jonathan H.
"you guys have the best beef jerky in America. it's so amazing. it's damn good!!! I suggest that you send me a free 1lb bag of beef jerky."
- Mike B.
"As much as I love your beef jerky, which by the way I purchase regularly at the IGA, in Hartford NY, I would like to see you add something like a sweet and hot to your line up. I enjoy hot, spicy snacks, and since more often than not your beef jerky is my snack of choice, because it is so good, I would be extra pleased to see that flavor tried out. Keep up the terrific work!"
- Jodi G.
"Beef Jerky is excellent keep up the good work I told all my friends and they love it too."
- Thanks Nate W.
"Hello, Jello, About how long does it take for my order to be shipped? Just curious. We were in New York over the weekend and bought some of your jerky. It's the best jerky we've tasted!!"
- Thanks a lot, Cicely & Norse C.
"My 10 year old son and I both eat a 4 oz bag every day. We love your product but it is an expensive habit. Other products similar to yours are much cheaper. We buy yours because I am a firm believer on supporting the independent. I work for an independent food service distributor in Columbia County. Maybe we could work out a deal? "
- Kim
"Brought some of your jerky home to Missouri from a trip east. It was everything people in Mechanicville and Stillwater had told me! (the Russoms) I will order some on line as soon as I finish the 6 bags I brought back! Keep up the great food!"
- Cheech Q.
"The Jerky was a gift for my son. He loved the jerky. He received it promptly. They even got the note correct! THANKS FOR DOING A GREAT JOB. I will be ordering again in the future!"
- Sharon D.
"Before I ordered I had just returned from Oregon. While there I enjoyed some of the best jerky available. However I must say Damngoodjerky is just as good as any I tried in Oregon. You have an excellent product. Ordering was so easy, I received my order in a small town in Mississippi in two days. Great service, great jerky....what more could you want."
- Tom M.
"I just wanted to tell you if you didn't already know) that your Jerky is the BEST!! I cannot stop eating it!! All other jerky that I've bought is way too tough. Yours is so tender and flavorful. I just can't thank or tell you enough how excellent your product is!! Well, I gotta go. Just finished a bag and need more!! Again, thank you so much for an EXCELLENT product."
- Kevin F
"I live locally and have driven to your shop to buy your jerky and also bought it in the local groceries, etc. I have to tell you it really is the best tasting jerky I have ever tasted! My boyfriend and I take it everywhere we go. I love all the flavor varieties! Thanks and keep up the good work."
- Amy H.

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